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Monday, July 31, 2006

Box Office Thought

A lot of people question why so many sequels are made every year. Some even complain over the lack of creativity in movies and the narrow-minded studio execs.

Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but movies are a business. And a major one! So who can really blame studios if when faced with these numbers, they choose to go for the sequel?

Something else you might consider is the actual audience. Aren't they as narrow-minded as the dreadful studio execs? The only non-sequel in the list, Spider-Man, is based on existing comic book novel and whole franchise of its own.

Why aren't people more brave and whilling to take chances on different things? A possible answer to this would be that we're only looking at openers and not overall box-office. So as far as taking chances, people wait for somebody else to go see the movie for them and make up their mind days later. Or they bet on previously known franchises.

Will the day for a hundred-million dollar opening of a movie like "Pulp Fiction" ever arrive? Damn you Bruckheimer!

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