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Monday, July 17, 2006

Toyota Shoot

This past week was time for a Toyota shoot. Madhouse, a Manchester based agency hired portuguese Republica das Bananas for this production.

It all started Monday and not according to plan, we immediately started shooting.
The week went on and stuff got funky Wednesday morning when a RAV4 got stuck in the sand, followed by a 4x4 tow truck and then even a bulldozer almost got stuck. Word of advise: avoid the tricky sands of Adraga beach!

Even though Adraga was a nightmare, we got some great shots with the same concept somewhere else later that day. In Sao Pedro do Estoril we got the perfect sunset by the beach where model Kelly Brearley did her yoga poses.

After Adraga and with the exception of a midtown shot in old Lisbon, everything went really smooth. The only thing that's not as clear as when you're shooting film is when they're actually shooting stills. There is no calling for action or cut, so you have to really pay attention to what's happening.

Photographer David Seed did a great job on the shoot; he even put himself in a somewhat risky situation (see photo below), hanging on a ladder over a cliff. The art director, Phil Rogerson was in charge of the shoot.

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