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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Will the Sun Dance?

I just fedexed my short film Paranoia to Beverly Hills, CA, where it's going to be partially viewed by one of Sundance's staff members.
I didn't really have any intention of submitting it to Sundance. My festival strategy for Paranoia was more based on where I could afford to go if my short were to be accepted. So, I was only thinking about submitting to New York, Miami and Canada festivals; because I live in New York, I have a place to stay in Miami and Canada is just too close not to go!
The thought came to me at work, at production company RedSky Pictures (who are currently producing the syndicated TV show Hip Hop Hold'em and documentaries and concerts), when a director at RedSky mentioned that he had to run to Fedex his short to Sundance. The deadline is Monday, so I guess he wasn't the only one submitting it in a hurry. And these are within the late entries category, people! So I got off work and ran home to submit my film.
But submitting my film meant I had to replace the old non-cleared-Bernard-Herrman soundtrack with the great new score! I did all the submission stuff online, but the process of finishing the soundtrack and final sound-mixing took about 8 hours. I also fixed the opening credits animation. If my laptop hadn't decided to flip out(!!) I would have not gone to bad as late as 5 AM. But I did.
It got to a point where I just gave up and decided to burn the previous version (Herrman soundtrack and bad sound mix) and just send that instead. But as soon as the DVD was burnt, Premiere Pro decided to give me a second chance (after a careful rebooting) and rendered the final movie!
I woke up 4 hours later to go to the nearest Fedex and send the f****** DVD. But even when the lady put the envelope in its place I wasn't happy. Maybe a live feed of the package's tiniest motions might help. Just to make sure it gets there! I know, I know, you can track it online. Not the same, OK?
And that's my little last minute submission story.
Anyone care to share theirs?

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Cho said...

At least you have your opportunity and you knew about it. And in the end you made it. I am pretty sure that you did very well, and that your hard work will later give you what you want. congratulations for your first short film!