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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Y Tu Children También

Alfonso Cuarón's new movie - Children of Men - is in my opinion one of the best movies of the year.

The amazing groundbreaking cinematography, by Emmanuel Lubezki, will most likely win him an Oscar. From shooting non-stop from a special rig on the top of a car to shooting with absolutely no artifical lights, to shooting without standard shot breakdowns, avoiding the traditional coverage, Lubezki and Cuarón manage to shows us a realistic world in the near future.

Here's another shot of the special rig used in one of the most amazing sequences in the movie:

The movie brings up critical issues that we already see but choose to ignore in our society. Immigration, terrorism, media saturation and consumerism are slowly taking a toll on society and we may end up as the world of 2027 depicted in the film.

Although I think Bond was a good movie, I clearly understand why Owen decided to take this one instead. If anything, he contributed to this amazing project that might just make people think about what's going on in the world today and the kind of future we're leaving for our children tomorrow.

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Cho said...

I need to see it, my parents were completely amazed by the movie. Some stuff happened so I could not go when it first opened. Really, really good you say? hope so, by Cuarón. Without Y tua maman tambien, although, Cuarón could not build anything, at least for me.