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Sunday, October 26, 2008

RED post: Callé 13 for MTV Tr3s

A month ago I finished 6 or so spots for MTV Tr3s, promoting the band Callé 13.

The spots were directed by Michel Rothschild; they were shot with the RED camera in Miami in one day (crazy!) and then edited and color corrected by me in New York.

Editing in Final Cut with R3D footage was a breeze. The only pain in the butt was conforming to DPX for Apple Color. Still haven't found the best workflow here, without using Assimilate Scratch. I just wanna take full advantage of Apple Final Cut Studio before going out and getting new software. Hopefully RED will make it easy on us in the future.

So I created EDL's for all of the spots and then shot by shot I exported ins and outs from RedCine (which is still BETA?) using the EDL text files for timecode reference. So yeah, I manually exported every single shot to DPX for Apple Color CC.

During post we decided to go 2.35:1, which was probably not the best idea but definitely made the spots a lot cooler. And for the most part we had sufficient head and foot room for that. But these kind of things should definitely be discussed in pre-pro, kids!

The results can be viewed here, MTV Tr3s posted the finals online:

Happy to get your thoughts.

Shooting Again!!


I love editing but directing and sitting behind a camera just doesn't compare!
Call me a control freak! But what an amazing privilege to get exactly what you want out of a situation! Even if it's a completely controlled one...

Anyway, finally got to shoot with a professional camera. Professional meaning awesome DOF, sweet lens (Zeiss DigiZoom 17-110mm), rod for attaching follow focuses, etc.

I shot a 15 second spec spot for the new Macbook and also a short film I already had a locked script for.

Using only natural light (the studio faces north so has an amazing strong soft light) and shooting for about 8 hours on Sunday, I think it went great! I mean, lighting differences (we shot until the sun allowed us) will have to be color corrected but that's fine. I love Apple Color!

Correction, I love Apple Color for Red footage color corrections. The DPX's have so much info! I love that camera. But with compressed formats it's no as much fun, but you can make things look better of course.

For this shoot I had the Panasonic HPX3000, a camera that I recommend a lot for shoots because of its amazing new compression - AVC-intra. Combined with the right camera settings, it delivers really sharp full 1080p HD!

I thanked my boss for letting me use the camera instead of it sitting inside a parked van all weekend.

Hopefully on the next shoot I'll get to use the RED. That would be sweet.

I'll post the final results soon.