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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shooting Again!!


I love editing but directing and sitting behind a camera just doesn't compare!
Call me a control freak! But what an amazing privilege to get exactly what you want out of a situation! Even if it's a completely controlled one...

Anyway, finally got to shoot with a professional camera. Professional meaning awesome DOF, sweet lens (Zeiss DigiZoom 17-110mm), rod for attaching follow focuses, etc.

I shot a 15 second spec spot for the new Macbook and also a short film I already had a locked script for.

Using only natural light (the studio faces north so has an amazing strong soft light) and shooting for about 8 hours on Sunday, I think it went great! I mean, lighting differences (we shot until the sun allowed us) will have to be color corrected but that's fine. I love Apple Color!

Correction, I love Apple Color for Red footage color corrections. The DPX's have so much info! I love that camera. But with compressed formats it's no as much fun, but you can make things look better of course.

For this shoot I had the Panasonic HPX3000, a camera that I recommend a lot for shoots because of its amazing new compression - AVC-intra. Combined with the right camera settings, it delivers really sharp full 1080p HD!

I thanked my boss for letting me use the camera instead of it sitting inside a parked van all weekend.

Hopefully on the next shoot I'll get to use the RED. That would be sweet.

I'll post the final results soon.

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