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Sunday, January 04, 2009

David Fincher: "Sociopath and Masochist"

Today I went to see David Fincher live at the Lincoln Center in New York. I barely didn't make it. A friend told me about it last night and when I looked it up online today tickets weren't available for purchase online. And when I called, they told me I had to go to the box office at Lincoln Center, addind that there were only 6 tickets left.

And so I hurried up to 59th St. from my place downtown and when I got to the box office - catching my breath - I asked if there were any tickets still available. "Just one" said the woman behind the box office. I was pretty lucky!

I had rarely seen interviews with him, but from his movies you can pretty much tell that he has a great sense of humor.

He does. He was really funny, but with a dark sense of humor.

Finch was there to talk about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If you haven't seen it, please do, it's a great movie - super original. I love the feeling of leaving the theater with a sense of having seen something new and pardon the cliché, but "never done before". This film gave me that wonderful feeling.

"Benjamin Button" was shot with the Viper camera and for all the shots that needed face replacements (over 300), additional cameras were used to calculate the precise 3D positioning of the tracking markers on the actor's blue head mask.

It was funny to see how they achieved the expressions from 5 days of shooting Brad Pitt. These reference expressions from Brad were used to translate them into keyframes in Brad's digital old face. And how Brad frequently disagreed with the expressions from the actor on set. For instance, in the scene shown above, the actor had looked serious and amazed at his muscles; Brad instead chose to smile and look proud. I like what he did.

David Fincher is a funny man. When a member of the audience asked him if would consider shooting Se7en 2 (I know, dumbest question ever...) he said he'd rather stick a cigarette in his eye! And when someone else asked him how he dealt with the studios interfering with the lengths of his movies, he said: "you just have to be a masochist." The "sociopath" joke came before when he was making fun of himself.

There are a lot times when I'm thankful of living in New York. Today was one of them.