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Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Telepathy

In college I directed a short film called Telepathy.

I think it worked as an idea but I was always frustrated by the crappy camera and amateur sound used in the film.

So, 4 years later it was time to recycle my idea and turn it into a better quality project.

I shot it with a Panasonic HPX-3000 camera about 3 months ago and today we recorded the VO with the actors.

I won't reveal the story here but let's just say that the 3 minute short only has 3 lines of live dialog.

It was so much fun to record the VO. I didn't have proper audio gear at the time of shooting, we just recorded sound from the on camera mic, so I asked my friend and sound engineer Tom to ADR the 3 lines.

So we looped the lines over and over again until the actors could repeat it perfectly.

And now the sound sounds great, we just need to work on making it not sound as perfect, by adding room tone and some reverb and other effects.

I will post a cut when the short is ready.

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