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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My First Full Size 35mm Sensor "Film" Camera

Emphases on "Film". By no means it is a film camera.

Just got the Nikon D90 and as I expected, it shoots (unfortunately) highly compressed video but with amazing DOF and great colors!

Here's a glimpse at my first successful test:

(previous tests had the auto-exposure messing with the flow of my shots. I fixed it by going to the controls menu and setting the AE-Lock button to actually lock and HOLD the exposure)

Issues so far (1 hour testing...) are the Jellocam effect, the relatively short duration of the clips and the mono audio.

Good thing is the Jellocam effect can be eliminated with the purchase of a stabilizing rig, like a Glidecam or a Steadicam Merlin.

There's nothing to do about the short duration of the clips, but if you're shooting a professional piece you'll use professional external audio recording equipment, so don't worry about the built-in mono audio.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Telepathy Screenshots!

Here are a couple of screenshots featuring my amazing actors Jessica O'Hara Baker and Adam Hayes.

It's still missing a color correct and final audio post.

We can't use any live audio from the shoot, because I didn't have a sound guy, but luckily I have access to amazing audio engineers and recording studios.

The plan is to foley the whole thing and we already did the ADR for the few live lines.

Good news is I'm happy enough with it that I think I'm sending it to festivals!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Green Screen 3D Tracking Fun!

While we were waiting around at a shoot the other day, I asked my DP friend John Dreyer to shoot a test for me.

I put some marks with gaffer tape on the green screen and walked around doing ducking and stepping over imaginary props.

But I should've asked for the camera to be shoulder mounted and moving around more, because the effect works best if you shoot it that way. Next time I'll be less caring about giving more work to ACs!

Here's a very rough test: