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Sunday, December 19, 2010


The most dreaded, boring task of post-production.

I have 18 shots to rotoscope in my newest music video and it's taking around 6-8 hours to roto per shot. And not very long shots, mind you. They're 1 or 2 seconds long each.

Here's a little (not very revealing, of course) partial screen grab of the one I'm doing right now:

When it's done, I can scratch off my list as shot #7.
Only 11 to go!

By the way, I've also just directed a 5 minute short film a couple of weekends ago. We were fortunate to get everything for free, a Canon 5D and a couple of lenses (thanks Adam!), audio and audio guy (thanks Tom!) locations (thanks Jess!), etc. It'll go into post-production next year.

And I forgot to mention, but I ended up being Seamus MacGarvey's camera assistant on a short film for charity. I was supposed to have been the director's (Jason Armstrong Beck) AC, but he ended up not shooting, so Seamus had to put with my limited knowledge (almost hit him when I lifted the dolly head up - damn hydraulics). But I was on hand passing him lenses and fixing the camera monitor/camera menu settings and loading cards. It's just I've never operated a dolly before... until that day. Now I know!

It was very inspiring to see a big Hollywood DP shooting with pretty much the same tools accessible to me. And also a good lesson in how to light, how to deal with crew, etc. Seamus always has funny names for things; that's one of the ways he helps keep a good vibe on the set. And he's Irish, so... Anyone know an Irishman who's not happy and nice?

OK, so now you've distracted me from the rotoscoping! Gotta go.