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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Social Network Inspiration

I was just reading an article on Fincher's "Social Network" post workflow and read this quote: “the growth of the editorial world in the last three or four years.  We’re not just a part of a chain anymore—we can actually do a vast majority of post work in editorial.”

I'm part of this growth myself, being able to edit, composite and color correct myself.
Take the perfect example: the Pisco Porton - Cocktail Fatigue campaign I just worked on.

I composited a ton of shots with the twins (a la Social Network) and used Premiere Pro to bridge between Final Cut and After Effects to instantly open up my FCP timeline in a compositing-ready After Effects composition. It worked amazingly well and because the files were ProRes 422 HQ from the Sony F3, I did the color grade after the compositing was all done and rendered.

It was a lot of fun creatively and technically, to learn how to master this new great workflow.

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