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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Couldn't Resist

Stopped by the Taschen store in Soho on my way back home and couldn't
help buying this amazing book.

In it you'll find some amazing gems, like the photograph of an 8 year old (or so) Hitch on a horse next to his proud father in front of their family's store.

But another picture grabbed my attention: Hitchcock's self-portrait. It reminded me not only of his incredible illustration and design talent but also his keen sense of branding. The book explains that in one discussion in Hitch's earlier days his friends were talking about who they made films for. Some said "for the audience", others "for distributors" and Hitchcock said "for the press." Because they influence audiences and in turn audiences influence distributors. Apparently, Hitchcock consistently kept close ties with the film critic community, wining and dining them, much to the likes of Godard, who having started as one, often would have film critics do cameos in his films.

Ah, there's still so much to learn from Hitchcock!

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