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Monday, February 27, 2012


Any artist should have a huge pile of references to very quickly grab and convey their idea to other people. That's why I own a bunch of Blu-rays and I've actually found Netflix to sometimes be the Spotify equivalent for film. It's awesome to instantly pull up a certain scene from a movie to show an actor or DP.

This past weekend I was working on a treatment for a music video and came upon some amazing references.

Reading up on how directors look for inspiration, I learned some interesting stuff. Mark Romanek researched about positive black culture by looking into the South African magazine Drum for Janet Jackson's 'Got 'Til Its Gone' (one of my favorite videos ever) and inspired the video on a lot of the stills found in old editions of that magazine. There was another director that would play the song and free associate online, just google whatever was going through his mind.

While watching hundreds of music videos it was pretty cool to see Mark Romanek evolve, for instance. (he did a lot of the same stuff in the beginning: videos in black and white, shots of fish, a person's face partially lit by a spotlight so that it looked like a hole of light, etc). And it was kind of an ego boost that his first videos weren't that great and that he grew into an amazing director. Just like I hope to some day.


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