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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Romanek and Kubrick

So I got this DVD with the work of Mark Romanek, his best music videos and a couple of documentaries. He's one of my favorite directors, some of his videos are just brilliantly simple and beautiful.

In the middle of one night this week I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep so I grabbed the 50-page booklet that came with the DVD and read the whole thing. I envied the privilege that Romanek and his fellow director friends at Satellite Films (Propaganda's little sister) had, just sitting close by one another and comparing rough cuts and ideas. So many great directors came out of there, from Fincher to Jonze. It's really cool to see how their work was influenced by one another. For instance, there's no way that Romanek's video "Closer" had no influence on Fincher's "Se7en" (it's even the same song in the opening credits). And also the sharing of Harris Savides, Jeff Cronenwerth and many amazing artists that have been part of some of the best filmmaking in the past few decades.

I envy them and wish that I could be at the equivalent production company right now. Could that be Serial Pictures (Anonymous Content's little sister)? I don't know, because we don't know who'll be the next Fincher/Romanek/Jonze. But wherever that place is, I wanna be there.

Mark Romanek booklet from the DVD on top of Kubrick's Taschen Book

A huge influence in Romanek's work is Stanley Kubrick - he often mentions that 2001 was the film that made him want to make films. And in the DVD booklet, he references a Kubrick quote. It's such a powerful quote that I'm gonna dedicate a whole paragraph to it:

"Television (...) has made it necessary for films to be made with more sincerity and more daring."
This is taken from a CBS radio interview in 1958.
Romanek's summary of the quote is nicer and more to the point: "more daring and more sincere."

That just sums up any good film that I've ever seen. And I wish I'll be brave enough and free of boundaries to ever make a film like that.

It's great advice that will be in my mind when I start writing my feature film soon.

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